'enjoying events'

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’


Project management

Each event starts with an idea. The way this idea is finally developed determines the success of an event. Specific factors like target group, location, surroundings, capacity and programming highly influence the practical development of a concept. For example, a mobility plan for the ‘Libelle Zomerweek’ requires a completely different approach compared to a mobility plan for a rock concert. The same goes for security or public catering. 

Thanks to our many years’ of practical experience in various events we have gathered the knowledge to interpret all these factors in the best possible way together with our client and gear all activities to one another. From plan, budgeting and planning to practical implementation. The better things are coordinated in the conceptual phase, the greater the chance of a good result. For this reason we prefer a close cooperation from the very start of the process. 


Event management

Project management includes the entire coordination and implementation of an event. From preparation, planning to production, budgetary- and quality control. As we believe we are co-responsible for the successful implementation of an event, we prefer a broad approach when it comes to cooperation, meaning we don’t rent individual project managers but are always looking for an integrated approach and preferably support the entire (sub) project from A to Z. 



More than ever, the catering offer highly influences a visitor’s experience and appreciation. The right offer depends on many factors: target group, expected number of visitors, concept, wishes of an organizer, logistics and of course budget. The success of public catering is closely related to visibility, availability and turnover rate during the event. In short: a complex process. LOC7000 FAB will be more than willing to arrange things for you. We offer a solid preparation and production and a high-quality catering which will clearly express our love for good food and beverages. 



Turnover is one of the most important pillars of an event. A good payment system is essential. In close cooperation with the client LOC7000 PaySystems will select the best possible payment system. Besides, LOC7000 can take care of the implementation. PaySystems offers all products which are required for placing simple POS-systems and complex payment systems inclusive of module for online management information allowing you to gain a good insight into all financial flows. 

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