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‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’



Whether it concerns a festival, concert, sports- or other event, a good payment system is essential. As organizer of an event you would like to offer your public a fast, simple and safe means of payment, keeping a grip on financial flows at the same time. PaySystems provides a complete, safe, fraud-proof system. The online management information system which has been linked to the payment system provides valuable information with regard to expenses. 

The payment system can easily be adapted to a specific target group and location. Together with the client we will select the best possible system taking comfort, speed and own preferences into account. Sometimes a simple payment system (supported by a service engineer) might be sufficient, for other events PaySystems can arrange the entire money transfer inclusive of accountant certificate. We offer all kinds of possibilities. 


Cashless payment system PUSH

The phrase ‘cashless’ is becoming increasingly popular on events. PaySystems has developed the completely custom-made cashless system PUSH, based on electronic payment by means of NFC-technique. This system allows a person to pay either by means of his mobile phone or by means of a wristband with NFC-chip. This cashless system doesn’t only implicate less cash money and, thus, increased safety, but also huge time saving as the transaction takes place fully automatically. Easy, simple and fast! 

The first pilots with regard to PUSH have already been carried out, amongst others on Eurosonic/Noorderslag in Groningen. Although a couple of practical problems still need to be solved for application on all events, experiences of visitors, employees and organizers have been extremely positive so far.


LOC7000 Event management 

Turnover is one of the most important pillars of an event. A good payment system is essential. In close cooperation with the client LOC7000 PaySystems will select the best possible payment system which will guarantee the event’s goals. We offer all kinds of product, varying from simple payment systems inclusive of module for online management information which will allow a good insight into all financial flows. Each event requires a different implementation: PaySystems thinks along and can implement and support any desired system. A PaySystems contact person will always be available during the event. We will take care of system maintenance, are contact point for possible questions and can assist in interpreting management information. 



Payment systems and catering expenses are closely related. If both disciplines are well-coordinated it might result into a considerable increase in catering turnover. A faster completion of the transaction means catering must be able to meet the increased demand. A good coordination between FAB and PaySystems can solve this problem. 

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