'enjoying events'

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’


Food and Beverage

LOC7000 believes it is crucial that catering meets the target group’s needs. More than ever, catering highly influences a visitor’s experience and appreciation. The offer must meet the public’s expectations, but should also surprise the visitor positively. Aspects like availability, visibility and service are extremely important. Turnover rate and turnover of public catering greatly influences an event’s success. The offered public catering can be way off if availability leaves much to be desired, for example by long queues or poor findability on the terrain. It influences the way a visitor experiences the event. 

FAB is not only acquainted with all developments in the field of public catering, it sets the tone as well. We are always looking for the best possible mix of quality of supply, new developments, service orientation and result orientation. Our love for delicious food and beverages is an important guideline. We simply love good food and beverages. That’s the basic principle. Besides, FAB intends to serve as much ‘honest food’ as possible. It might implicate that public catering is completely or partially sustainable, but also that we make high demands on the caterer with regard to production methods or turnover rate. Of course we and our partners always comply with the highest HACCP demands and other relevant laws and legislations. 


LOC7000 Event management

More than ever, the catering offer highly influences a visitor’s experience and appreciation. The right offer depends on many factors: target group, expected number of visitors, concept, wishes of an organizer, logistics and of course budget. The success of public catering is closely related to visibility, availability and turnover rate during the event. In short: a complex process. LOC7000 FAB will be more than willing to arrange things for you. We offer a solid preparation and production and a high-quality catering which will clearly express our love for good food and beverages. 



Payment systems and catering expenses are closely related. If both disciplines are well-coordinated it might result into a considerable increase in catering turnover. A faster completion of the transaction means catering must be able to meet the increased demand. A good coordination between FAB and PaySystems can solve this problem. 



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