'enjoying events'

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’



With over 30 years’ experience in organizing events LOC7000 has gathered valuable, praxis-oriented expertise. We use this expertise to give solid advice. For example in judging potential event locations, making a risk analysis, or giving advice with regard to various payment systems. 

This doesn’t explicitly mean the practical implementation will automatically be our concern. Our goal is to improve events. Therefore, an independent advice is not related to the implementation which might implicate the practical implementation could be realized by a third party. 


Event management

We know from experience which issues managers and organizers will face when organizing or hosting big events. We use our experience to give advise authorities, emergency services, municipalities and organizers on subjects like licenses and safety, infrastructure and technique, mobility, public catering or payment systems. LOC7000 Consultancy doesn’t necessarily have to be responsible for the practical implementation.



Besides supporting the practical implementation LOC7000 FAB can also be called in for advice in the field of public catering. How can you adapt your offer to the target group optimally? Which products fit an event’s experience best? How can we surprise the public positively? Which caterers offer the desired quality, taste perception and options? We also advise on the best lay-out for a terrain, quality control, preserving public catering, possible products, suppliers and service. Guaranteeing the highest return remains top priority. 



What is the best payment system for a specific event? A basic model with a couple of coin machines, or an extensive system monitoring the entire money transfer? How many points of sale are required, how many coins or exchange? Could a completely cashless system be an option? The answers to these questions will vary for each event. For this reason, PaySystems offers customized solutions. We make an inventory of the event (for example expected turnover per visitor and number of visitors) and the specific needs of the organization. Together with the client we will convert this conceptual plan into a practical and financial proposal. As we offer both disciplines LOC7000 can both advise, support the implementation of payment systems and supply all required products. 

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