'enjoying events'

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’

‘enjoying events’

about LOC7000:

FAB - Food And Beverage

FAB (Food and Beverage) has specialized in public catering. Offer, service and availability of catering on an event greatly influence a visitor’s experience and appreciation. Usually, public catering is one of the most important financial pillars for an organization. In short: good food and beverages are of vital importance for any event. In close cooperation with our clients and partners we are looking for the best possible mix of offer, availability, service and rate of turnover, with an assortment of wonderful, varied products and professional caterers tailored to the public. 


  • Project management

    Project management

    Each event starts with an idea. The way this idea is finally developed determines the success of an event. Specific factors like target group, location, surroundings, capacity and programming highly influence the practical development of a concept.


  • Consultancy


    With over 30 years’ experience in organizing events LOC7000 has gathered valuable, praxis-oriented expertise. We use this expertise to give solid advice. For example in judging potential event locations, making a risk analysis, or giving advice with regard to various payment systems.


  • Infrastructure and Technics

    Infrastructure and Technics

    From empty field to complete city; many (outdoor) locations don’t have the required facilities for a big event. They have to be constructed temporarily. 


  • Permits and Safety

    Permits and Safety

    Which demands do mobility and crowd management have to comply with, according to authorities? Does an organizer have to draw up an emergency plan?


  • Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    LOC7000 believes it is crucial that catering meets the target group’s needs. More than ever, catering highly influences a visitor’s experience and appreciation.


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