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about LOC7000:

About us

For more than thirty years LOC7000 has organized large events, together with a team of experienced, enthusiastic people. Organizing events is part of their DNA. This passionate team makes LOC700 unique. Whether it concerns a big concert, a lifestyle festival like Lowlands, North Sea Jazz or the ‘Libelle Zomerweek’, it is our goal to organize the best possible event, in close cooperation with the client. 

LOC7000 is not sitting on the side-lines. We are part of an organization and feel co-responsible for the success of an event. This is our starting point for any cooperation. We like to think along in the conceptual phase; how can we propagate the idea best? In planning and budgeting; after all the event’s legitimacy and a healthy financial plan are closely connected. In close cooperation with our client we are looking for the best solutions with regard to aspects like mobility, infrastructure & technique, public catering and safety. These solutions can vary greatly for each event; after all each event is unique. That is our challenge: How can we turn an event with all its unique characteristics into an ultimate experience for all persons involved? 

LOC7000 is co-responsible for more than 150 events a year. The basic needs of an event have drastically changed throughout the years. We have followed this trend, but have always done pioneering work as well. It is a conscious choice. By developing new applications and methods in the field of project management, public catering and payment systems we can anticipate the needs of the public, the organization and other parties concerned even better. We organize customized events and can, in this way, improve the entire event industry. 

The activities of LOC7000 can be divided into three labels:

LOC7000 Event management takes care of, in close cooperation with partner or client, the preparation, coordination and implementation of a complete event, or its subsectors. It includes budgeting and budgetary control, licenses and safety, planning & purchase, infrastructure and technique, mobility and construction coordination. FAB and PaySystems might be part of it as well. Besides, LOC7000 gives authorities, emergency services and organizers specific advice with regard to these subsectors. 

FAB (Food and Beverage) has specialized in public catering. Offer, service and availability of catering on an event greatly influence a visitor’s experience and appreciation. Usually, public catering is one of the most important financial pillars for an organization. In short: good food and beverages are of vital importance for any event. In close cooperation with our clients and partners we are looking for the best possible mix of offer, availability, service and rate of turnover, with an assortment of wonderful, varied products and professional caterers tailored to the public. 

PaySystems provides payment systems for events. As organizer you would like to offer your public a fast, simple and safe means of payment, keeping a grip on financial flows at the same time. PaySystems provides payment systems which meet the needs of the organization, the target group and the event’s location. Turnover can be monitored accurately in an extensive management information system. 


  • Project management

    Project management

    Each event starts with an idea. The way this idea is finally developed determines the success of an event. Specific factors like target group, location, surroundings, capacity and programming highly influence the practical development of a concept.


  • Consultancy


    With over 30 years’ experience in organizing events LOC7000 has gathered valuable, praxis-oriented expertise. We use this expertise to give solid advice. For example in judging potential event locations, making a risk analysis, or giving advice with regard to various payment systems.


  • Infrastructure and Technics

    Infrastructure and Technics

    From empty field to complete city; many (outdoor) locations don’t have the required facilities for a big event. They have to be constructed temporarily. 


  • Permits and Safety

    Permits and Safety

    Which demands do mobility and crowd management have to comply with, according to authorities? Does an organizer have to draw up an emergency plan?


  • Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    LOC7000 believes it is crucial that catering meets the target group’s needs. More than ever, catering highly influences a visitor’s experience and appreciation.


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